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An amateur programmer who loves to sit around and refuse to rest!
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A little story between I and the development

From the time I know that "blog" this kind of thing exists, I began to have interest in it. For it, wrote countless failures, yes, failed goods; and during the server and space is also countless. But for it, so far written no less than twenty million lines of code.

I was just in junior high school that time, my family just had the first computer. Occasionally found the website of the "source code", that it and some of the contents of the page is very similar. Because it is opened with Notepad program, Unconsciously save it down; then go to open and found that the original page is actually the same.

And then later, do not remember how to learn w3school can teach the preparation of the page. From the beginning, the most simple HTML to CSS, JS, and then to ASP, PHP; from the computer can also write a web page, to the moment can not tolerate because the broken network and can not write PHP.

Until now, more than six years time. That much more, that is also a lot less, blink of an eye is half a youth. Which also developed a number of small procedures, but because of the "small", never comparable to other people's home, has always been kept in every used space.

Now think back, get a lot, lose a lot, but it is all worth it.


Skill (self-taught)